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Pack like a Pro

April 15, 2011

Vogue Italia via

When it comes to packing, there are three types of women: those who over-pack, those who have given up with fashion altogether and those like us. We figure if you’re reading this, then you’re probably one of the many bulging-suitcase offenders and eager to know our secret. Easter mini-breaks are to over-packers what the smell of fresh Krispy-Kreme doughnuts are to a room full of Weight Watchers. What it comes down to, is that in April, no one can ever be sure of the weather – hence the reason women invented “I need to have options, so I’m taking it all”.

Here at Dicha we don’t need excuses. Like the lady below, we only need our jewellery – and that’s all we’re taking. Pack ’em up.


The Age of the Overstatement

April 12, 2011

A simple white tee with blue jeans? The classic Little Black Dress? Yawn…

Fashion houses are going overboard with print this season and tribal is back! Forget what you’ve learned – less in no longer more, so don’t be afraid to mix and match. We say “go big or go home”. Printed bags, shoes, dresses, bikinis, we’ll have one of each please. However, if you’re not entirely convinced by the head-to-toe pattern look, then take our advice and stick to one or two prints per outfit.

Don’t forget: to avoid looking too casual, for an evening look we suggest dressing it up with some sparkle. Even Vogue agrees.

Costume Jewellery and the Art of Faux-Bling

January 5, 2011

In an attempt to brighten up your January, we thought we’d bring a little faux-bling into your lives. Dita Von Teese got it right when she said, “I’d rather have something big and fake, than small and real”.

In the Fifties, women began to look to stars of the big screen for inspiration, and heirlooms they could replicate affordably. It is a strange yet charming fact that actresses like Vivien Leigh, Jane Russell, and Elizabeth Taylor appeared in adverts for copies of their pieces available at none other than Woolworths – possibly much classier in its day?

This trend should definitely be re-introduced, although jewels of the modern silver screen never seem to be as lustrous or as plentiful as they were back then.

Hope these stars help to add a little lustre to your January.

Christmas in Egypt

December 20, 2010


Co-founder of Dicha is living the jet-set dream as she travels to Egypt this Christmas. Jealous? Wait until you hear her destination: the aptly named Sharm El Sheikh, home to several bloodthirsty reef tip sharks and scores of terrified sun worshippers.

However, even the most unlikely situation can kick start creative imaginings in the duo, and after a brief discussion it was decided that shark teeth jewellery may be the way forward

Check out this great white shark tooth, which pales in comparison to the huge megaladon specimen beside it. The owner of said tooth is extinct, thank God.

Apparently a popular pastime in Venice, Florida is diving for prehistoric shark teeth. Hmm… maybe we’ll leave that for the more adventurous jewellers of the world!




There are gifts…and then there are good gifts

December 14, 2010

It’s a sad truth that as times change, and presents are of the large technological variety (think unwieldy games consoles), stockings tend to fall by the wayside.

Not so in our offices, where the delights of small packages and hidden treasures are prized just as highly. It can’t be just me who enjoys the unearthing of a tiny box from swathes of tissue paper, or the abundance of trailing ribbons that accompany a present-wrapping session.

Vogue Germany, 2009

Yet, a bit of wrapping paper and a bow can’t always disguise a less-than-mediocre gift, and here at Dicha we have received our fair share of doozies. Rash inducing bath products, knock-off Vuitton; maybe it’s the thought that counts, but you do have to wonder what exactly they were thinking.

After some, shall we say, memorable gifts, we decided that things had to change. The result? The creation of a ‘wish docket’, the premise being that you fill in the slip, print it out, and hide it in your other half’s reading material of choice. Experiments with folding the docket into a page of The Economist have been so far, successful…let us know how you get on.

We Have Some Exciting News…!

November 12, 2010

First and foremost, we are extremely excited to announce that the Dicha website has officially gone transactional. This means that you can peruse all of our jewellery from the comfort of your own couch!

If you’d rather see our pieces in person, you can call us at our showroom on 020 7402 5884. We are also proud to announce that we are now stocked in Matches at their Notting Hill store, 83 Ledbury Road W11 2AG and also online at Alternatively you can visit one of our other stockists, Liberty, D&Me and

Finally we would like to introduce you to our latest range, Recollections which are repeatable vintage inspired pieces at a lower price point but without compromising on style and beauty. These too are handmade and include semi-precious stones. We can’t wait to hear what you think…

All of this good news will explain the smiles on our faces below…

don’t forget to visit us at

SS11 Jewellery Treasures Captured By Tommy Ton.

October 8, 2010

As Fashion Month drew to a close, here in the Dicha offices we tucked in to Tommy Ton’s images to pick our favourite jewellery moments of the season. There were a lot to chose from but below is our short list! To see the rest of Tommy’s highlights, click here.