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Dicha Does The City Of Neon And Chrome.

August 12, 2010

Sorry we have been a little bit absent! It’s all been fabulously hectic over here in Dicha land.. we even managed to squeeze in a trip to one of our favourite cities, Manhattan.

After a few days of pining for inspiration (of which we found A LOT, but more to come on that later) we decided that perhaps the new method we should undertake for selling our jewels should be in line with the following:

You see, as technology improves and designers start to think of ridiculously advanced ways to sell their goods, sometimes here in the Dicha offices we believe simple is best! Maybe just having a stall in Portabello is the way forward?! Let us know your thoughts….

In the meantime, NY isn’t the same without the glorious food..

Here is Tom and Nancy from our favourite cupcake shop – Baby Cakes! Located on 248 Broome Street if you fancy a sweet treat…

Of course it didn’t stop there and the forces within were incapable of preventing us from stopping at this gorgeous ice-cream truck..

Ok, so I know that so far all it looks like is that we ate and ate but we did see some cool street art….

And lest us not forget the brides in the fountain! Fingers crossed they weren’t wearing Vera Wang or any Dicha jewels!

Until next time…. šŸ™‚

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