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There are gifts…and then there are good gifts

December 14, 2010

It’s a sad truth that as times change, and presents are of the large technological variety (think unwieldy games consoles), stockings tend to fall by the wayside.

Not so in our offices, where the delights of small packages and hidden treasures are prized just as highly. It can’t be just me who enjoys the unearthing of a tiny box from swathes of tissue paper, or the abundance of trailing ribbons that accompany a present-wrapping session.

Vogue Germany, 2009

Yet, a bit of wrapping paper and a bow can’t always disguise a less-than-mediocre gift, and here at Dicha we have received our fair share of doozies. Rash inducing bath products, knock-off Vuitton; maybe it’s the thought that counts, but you do have to wonder what exactly they were thinking.

After some, shall we say, memorable gifts, we decided that things had to change. The result? The creation of a ‘wish docket’, the premise being that you fill in the slip, print it out, and hide it in your other half’s reading material of choice. Experiments with folding the docket into a page of The Economist have been so far, successful…let us know how you get on.

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